What is the Kings Dance Alliance?

The Alliance is a conglomerate of four different companies: Kings Dance Studios, Kings Dance Events, Kings Dance Store, and Kings Dance Company, designed to create one stop for all of a client's dancing needs. Our mission is to recruit and unite dance talent and entrepreneurs from all over the world to provide a global, loving, all-style dance culture that offers first-rate instruction, unforgettable events, premium dance supplies, paramount showcases, and more income opportunities in the arts to the masses.  Below is a descripion of each of these divisions and what they offer to the most valuable piece of this puzzle, you!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Community involvement should be one of the highest priorities for any business in operation, and the Alliance makes it a point to do everything in our power to be known as a positive force in the community. Through event participation and hours of charity assistance, The Kings Dance Alliance prides itself in being known for all the right reasons throughout South Florida.  Click here to view a few of the 'Thank You' letters we have received from the charity events we have done over the years.

Mobile App

Search for and download our "KDA" mobile application on your Apple, Android, and Kindle device today! The app features an online calendar, contact us form, online store, program syllabus, photos, YouTube videos of your favorite instructors and dancers, social media pages, directions to all of our locations, and even awesome salsa music for you to jam to on your way to and from work all at your fingertips!!! We are proud to offer the highest in Alliance convenience to you, our beloved students and alumni.

Kings Dance Studios

It is important to know what a dance studio offers and what its mission is before choosing one. Kings Dance Studios' responsibility to the Alliance is to deliver first-rate instruction of all dance styles worldwide via our unique licensing business opportunity. After 17 years of service, we have truly separated ourselves from the competition with the following to ultimately grow you, our students, into the best product in the industry, Dance Royalty!

Unique Casino (Cuban-style Salsa) Program

Kings Dance Studios' Casino (Cuban-style Salsa) Program is proud to be the first and only Casino program to offer you exactly what you wanted, to learn how to dance with a partner! Unlike the traditional Rueda group setting where you are caught up changing partners and listening to the commands of a "caller" limiting you to only small bits of choreography, our 1-on-1 style group lessons teach you dance principles including leading, following, movement, and creativity ultimately allowing you to start connecting with your dance partner immediately giving you a much more in-depth understanding of how to dance Casino, cuban-style salsa! Rueda dance lessons are commonly used in most dance studios, but our exclusive 1-on-1 cuban-style "partner-dancing" style lessons in the group setting are a much more practical way to learn the dance and get the most for your dollar!

Multiple Locations

We understand the hassle of having to drive far to get the best in quality so we are constantly expanding to make sure that one of our locations is near you!  Your local gyms and dance studios are adopting our exclusive licensed teaching methods so that everyone across South Florida can take advantage of our range of dance programs and unmatched teaching abilities.  Find our location nearest you on our Directions page!

World Salsa Federation Partnership

All of Kings Dance Studios' Salsa Program instructors are certified by the World Salsa Federation. Our salsa program is the only one in South Florida with certified salsa dance instructors; you heard right! It is important to understand that knowing how to dance and how to teach are two very different skills. We were taught how to teach YOU! This means you can be confident in the knowledge and abilities found in our instructors and their ability to teach them to you. Expect not only the highest quality training through unmatchable teaching abilities, but an undying commitment from our teachers to have you meet all of your salsa dancing goals when being instructed at Kings Dance Studios.

Kings Dance Events

All events, parties, and socials of the Alliance are designed, marketed, hosted, and promoted under the Kings Dance Events department. Its main objective is create a warm, loving, dance encouraging environment that puts a smile on everyone's face. This division also promotes other activies that promote dance that are not hosted by the Alliance as well! Contact Us to promote or host your event with us today!

Kings Dance Store

Kings Dance Store was created to continuously further simplify the process of acheiving your dancing needs/goals. All merchandising including lesson packages, apparel, footwear, promotional items, and VIP sponsorship packages to Kings Dance Events are found under this division of the Alliance. All purchases of course can be made right on our website for your convenience!

Kings Dance Shoes

Get the highest quality in dance footwear, Kings Dance Shoes, right from your favorite local dance studio, Kings Dance Studios! We are proud to offer you both men's and ladies styles in all sizes and heel heights so you can either practice, dance, perform, or all of the above in comfort and style! Check out our online Apparel Store for details and pictures!

Kings Dance Company

The elite, professional dancers that represent the styles taught at the Studios and danced at our Events are bred in-house or recruited from around the world to continue their training as members of our Company. Kings Dance Company meets the demand for Latin entertainment while bringing dance awareness to the world.

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