Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to get the results you want quickly and easily. One-on-one professional instruction will have you dancing and having fun in no time! Reserving your instructor today is the surest way to get you confident and on the dance floor as soon as possible!


Private Lesson Options and Discount Guarantee
Private lessons are made by appointment, have No Expiration Date, and can be used to learn any style
Start one lesson at a time for two visits (four hour max.) under the Pay As You Go rate

When upgrading within that time to one of our Pre-Pay and Save options
Receive the discounted Pre Pay and Save rate as if you purchased it from the beginning





20 Lessons Pre-Paid          $40.00 / Hour

10 Lessons Pre-Paid          $50.00 / Hour

Pay As You Go                    $70.00 / Hour




20 Lessons Pre-Paid          $60.00 / Hour

10 Lessons Pre-Paid          $70.00 / Hour

Pay As You Go                     $90.00 / Hour




2+ Couples                           $150.00 / Hour



Groups (Businesses or Schools)
10+ Couples                        $200 / Instructor / Hour (suggested 1 instructor per 20 participants)


At our Studios                 No Additional Cost
Other                              $0.50 / Mile / Round Trip Convenience Charge

Dance Styles

Find out which dance styles interest you most and request your instructor today!

CASINO video

N.Y. MAMBO (On2) video

L.A. SALSA (On1) video



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